A Sunday in Whitstable

A couple of weekends ago, Ross, our friends Amy and Hayden and I took the train to the little seaside town of Whitstable.

It was a bright but chilly day and – wrapped up in coats and scarves – we started our outing with a walk along the seafront. The water looked choppy and uninviting, but the bright colours of the beach huts along the shore warmed things up a little.


Whitstable is famed for its native rock oysters and there were discarded shells piled up along the beach, giving us an indication of what would be on the menu for lunch.


I admired whoever had enjoyed a rather decadent feast the night before…


We continued our walk along the beachfront, working up an appetite in the chilly sea breeze.


We walked along the shore until the beach huts ended, then followed a path up the hill and walked back towards the main town along a street, admiring the beautiful view of the ocean, a blue(-ish) sky and the picture-perfect huts.


We found our way to Whitstable Castle, after spotting its turrets from the coastal path.


It was pretty, but we decided that we’d seen better castles (we’re a tough crowd) and walked on. We arrived back in town and took a little turn around the harbour, which was lined with nautical paraphernalia.


We admired the local fashions…


…and whet our appetite in the fish market.


We snuck in a quick drink at the cosy pub next to our restaurant and warmed up by the fire.


After I hastened everyone along (always keen for the next meal), we finished our drinks and sat down at The Whitstable Oyster Company, where I’d made a lunch reservation.


Seated by a window looking out to the ocean, we ordered a bottle of lovely white wine and snacked on bread while deciding what to order. We settled on some oysters and scallops to share as a starter.



Amy and I both ordered my favourite, moules frites, for our mains, while the boys opted for the lobster.


After a long and delicious lunch, with super fresh seafood and excellent service, we left the restaurant to be greeted by a beautiful sunset over the water.


We headed over to the pub, for one last drink, before making our way back to London. The journey takes less than two hours and we arrived back home just in time to catch Planet Earth; what more could you want from a day trip?


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