Logmore Farm, Dorking

Living in a big, bustling city, you can often get caught up in the daily grind of the tube, traffic and chaos. Sometimes you need reminding that peace and stillness are just a short drive or a train ride away.

Feeling very much in need of a change of scenery, a group of friends and I booked into The Barn at Logmore Farm for a long weekend of walks, wine and reading by the fire in the stunning countryside of Dorking, Surrey.

We spent our day on Friday taking a brisk but beautiful walk, beginning in the historical village of Abinger.


The walk took us through fields of horses, sheep and – at one point – a sign warned us of a bull (fortunately we didn’t cross paths with him).


Halfway through the walk, we climbed over a stile and into a field that was home to the fluffiest and most curious sheep. The flock were incredibly intrigued by us and wandered over for a closer look at the intruders.


It soon started snowing, much to the delight of the 5 Antipodeans on the trip!


After a few hours of walking, we arrived back in Abinger, freezing cold and ready for lunch at the cosy and quaint Abinger Hatch. The food and service were great and it’s well worth making a detour to stop in, if you happen to be in the area!


It continued to snow through the afternoon and into the evening, and we awoke on Saturday morning to find Logmore Farm dusted with snow – making everything look even more picturesque.


We dressed up in our winter woollies and took a turn around the property, marvelling at the snow with the most enormous smiles plastered on our faces. It felt seriously special to have found ourselves in such a gorgeous place while the snow fell softly around us.


Most of my experience with snow in London has been less than glamorous, as it tends to turn to dirty mush instantly and often wreaks chaos with the transport system, so it made a nice change to be somewhere I could actually appreciate it and to feel like I was walking around in a living fairy-tale.


After a day of exploring the shops in Dorking and pub lunching once more (at the wonderful Running Horses this time), we returned to the farm.

I decided to take a little solo walk around the nearby woods, to take advantage of the snow-covered scenery while I could. Walking trails started about 5 metres from our front door, so it wasn’t long before I was in the woods completely on my own, with no sound except for the occasional bird or dripping of melting snow.


After soaking up the silence, it was time to get back to the Barn, snuggle up by the fire with a glass of wine and play a game of trivial pursuit; the perfect end to a blissfully uneventful weekend.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, The Barn at Logmore Farm comes highly recommended. The owners are delightful people and the property is just gorgeous. We loved every second!


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