Stories from Suffolk: Dunwich & Blythburgh

Our second day began in our host’s sunny garden, with tea, toast and fruit.


Once we’d had our fill of food and Vitamin D, we said our goodbyes and drove to the nearby town of Dunwich, to check out the pebbly beach.


First walking along the breezy shore, we took a path that went uphill and behind the dunes (can pebble beaches have dunes? I welcome your feedback) that led us along the cliffs and to the ruins of the Greyfriars Priory.


Built in the 13th Century, Greyfriars was built when Dunwich was a busy shipping centre. The Medieval buildings of Dunwich were nearly all destroyed by the encroaching sea, and Greyfriars is the last remaining reminder of the the village’s former wealth and size.


Dunwich is now a tiny town with one pub, a very small high street and some gorgeous houses with very pretty gardens!


Our next stop of the day was Blythburgh, to visit the church our host had told us about. We’ve seen our fair share of churches in our travels so it takes rather a lot to make us want to go and see another, but at our host’s insistence, we made it part of our route.


The church is said to be a thousand years old, and its interior is one of the most unusual and beautiful I’ve ever seen. It was carefully restored during Victorian times, and its simple white colour palette is beautifully offset by the timber ceiling, which features intricately carved angels.


We bought a tea towel and a few postcards from the unmanned shop, leaving our money in the honesty box and taking a short walk through the village, admiring the beautiful – and very old – houses, and then moving onto our lunch stop.


We’d heard a lot about Southwold, and it seemed that every holiday maker in Suffolk was there on the same day as us. It was a very pretty town and had a cute beachfront with painted beach shacks, but was a little too busy for my liking.


We sat down at the Lord Nelson pub and shared fish and chips (one of the nicest I’ve had in years) and a sandwich.

After a very brief drive through the tiny village of Orford, we made our way to the M25 and back to London.


Suffolk is a beautiful part of the world and an excellent place for a quick getaway from London. My UK trips are going on hold for the time being, in favour of a few European trips, but I’m told Norfolk is equally as lovely, so am hoping to make it there at some point too.


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